New Life Directions - Seminars/Events

Each program is personalized to fit the specific needs of your company/organization and will ultimately:

Reduce stress
Increase energy
Develop creativity
Improve communication skills
Create a healthier work environment
Convert teams to positive thinking
Assist with achieving goals

3 Steps to Turn Your Stress Into Strength: Discover how to effortlessly release pent up emotions and how to become recharged with vibrant energy. Witness your transformation as you experience renewed enthusiasm, confidence and Joie De Vivre.

3 Steps to Create Your Vision of Success: For those who feel frustrated in not getting what they want. They will discover how to clear their negative subconscious programming including their Belief system, which stop them from attracting the success they desire.

3 Steps to Create Successful Communication: For those who feel hesitant in establishing rapport with potential clients, or personal relationships. They will discover how to stay centered and confident. They also will discover the magic of precision questions and how to align their language with their behavior to achieve a positive outcome.

Never Worry About Your Weight Again: Breakthrough strategies and techniques such as hypnosis to break free of emotional eating, create a healthy mental conditioning, gain self-esteem and achieve long-lasting results in maintaining your ideal weight.

Mindfulness Training: CEOs do it, Celebrities do it. They report personal transformation, a great sense of well-being, and happiness. Discover how to examine your 5 senses, connect to the present moment and experience a new mind-body connection.

15th circuit court  

"We want to thank you for your presentation and dedication in giving the speech for the 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Everybody enjoyed it! It was great and very helpful."
15th Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach, FL

"Edwige Gilbert has skillfully run a series of weekly, global mindfulness sessions for our company focused on creating a positive mindset. The sessions are designed on her foundational platform, Turning Stress Into Strength which we have found to be valuable. Not only has she created engaging sessions, but she has also thoughtfully developed the weekly practice allowing participants to experience a positive mindset and to tap into their own power anytime outside of the sessions. The participants have expressed experiencing more “peace, feeling centered, grounded and relaxed”, and the sessions have also taught them to have clarity and the right mindset to make better business decisions. A mindful practice is so critical during these unprecedented times we live in and is a key ingredient of leadership development!"
Patricia Gorton VP People Unit 4 - NA & Global Head of Talent Enablement

"When it comes to lifting the spirit and helping it soar, Edwige Gilbert is a meditation marvel.She helps clear the mind and focus energies so people are better able to attain their set goals. Edwige is truly inspirational.
Linda Honan Corcoran Manager NYC

"My team and I had the pleasure of Edwige Gilbert’s presentation of “Turning Stress into Strength”. Edwige is captivating and delivers a workshop that is filled with insights and practical tools to work around stress.We walked away from the workshop feeling inspired and armed with actual means to help us navigate the busy New York life! Indeed, in a short amount of time, Edwige delivers on her promise to help you turn your stress into strength. I couldn’t recommend her more!.
Ayuma Otaki Senior Managing Director, the Corcoran Group Brooklyn, NY

"We would like to thank Edwige for her recent presentation at the Foshay Cancer Center. Edwige's approach to reducing stress and changing negatives behaviors and thinking is vital to our patients' recovery. She is positive and optimistic, and provided our patients with an enthusiam for change. Edwige is a living example of how her program can change people's lives. Our patients learned specific techniques through breathing exercises, and visualization allowing them to identify and change their negative thought patterns. The participants found the presentation very helpful, and proceeded to ask Edwige how they could continue this work. Edwige's program can be useful to those struggling with many of life's challenges. She is an excellent coach, who utilizes  her care and compassion to help others. Thank you Edwige!"
Foshay Cancer Center, Jupiter, FL

"Overwhelmingly, students recommend that we invite Edwige back so that more students may benefit from her lessons. Faculty and staff members concur with this recommendation. All in all, we would highly recommend Edwige to individuals, groups, or corporations who are looking for lives filled with, as Edwige would say, Joie de Vivre."
Mary G. Evans Director of Student Services, Keiser University, West Palm Beach Florida

"I was not sure how an office filled with a majority of attorneys would embrace Edwige's program on transforming stress into strength, but because of her unique style and breakthrough strategies, Edwige was able to capture everyone's attention and she was a great success"
Denise Nieman, Palm Beach County Attorney

"Through her affirmations and visualization techniques, Edwige has helped my real estate agents be more confident and successful."
Janet Lowry, Director, The Corcoran Group, NYC

"Edwige Gilbert completely transformed our class offerings from Yoga to a full-fledged stress management program with waiting lists to attend. She got through to a diverse population of financial professionals. Our program is where it is today due to her hard work and dedication to her craft."
Niko Triantafillou, Director, Citigroup Wellness Center, NYC

"Due to her ongoing stress management program that includes four sessions of over 30 participants weekly, Edwige has been able to give our emotionally reluctant patients a range of valuable mind/body tools to assist them with their recovery."
Kevin Barry Heany, Director, The Addiction Institute of New York

"Edwige transformed my ten sales representatives from an unmotivated and disconnected and lifeless group to a high performing, high-energy team. Your customized assertiveness training program improved our morale and our revenue goals."
Giampiero Paoletti, Owner, John —Robert Powers Modeling/Acting Academy, NYC

"Edwige Gilbert's story and ministry to others who want to exact change in their lives is incredibly inspiring. With her encouragement, my employees feel and believe that anything is possible and that their power comes from within. They have truly benefited from Edwige's instruction and gracious coaching, and continue to do so."
Susan L. Bridges, Human Resources Manager - Latham & Watkins, NY

"We have been very fortunate to have Edwige provide her "Turning Stress into Strength" presentation to the Program staff of the Alzheimer's Association Southeast Florida Chapter. In addition she has presented to several  groups of caregivers and persons with memory loss. Her program  not only is inspiring but she provides practical solutions to help make the transformation."
Barbara Grasch, LMFT, Director of Program Services - Alzheimer's Association Southeast Florida Chapter

"A bell rings and we enter the life of the mind. We are lulled into a state of pure relaxation where nothing exists outside of us.  We are gathered around in the West Conference Room and it is Thursday at 4 o’clock. We are listening to Edwige Gilbert, Wycliffe's meditation consultant...who offers us weekly mediation, as part of our fitness program here at Wycliffe, a gated community in Wellington Florida.

This program runs once a week and its benefits are these:  we are learning to relax, reduce stress,  and to be “mindful.” According to medical experts meditation benefits people with or without acute medical illness or stress. People who meditate regularly have been shown to feel less anxiety and depression. They also report that they experience more enjoyment and appreciation of life and that their relationships with others are improved.

I have to admit that much of this is new to me. I was never into this sort of therapy which originated in Asia in 500BC. I am the kind of person who spends my days on the computer, playing tennis and golf, watching a movie, or dinner and lunch with friends, but meditation:  Never!  And mindfulness, what is that? We offer many programs and activities at Wycliffe, and this is one that is quite valuable because it slows us down, and allows us to take a break from our active and busy, busy lives. Thank you Edwige!”
Warren Weinstein, Aerospace Flight Control Engineering Specialist