Are you ready to make a Fresh Start? To transform stress into strength and discover your new life direction?

How would you like to...
Set yourself free and never worry about your weight again.
Master your mind to transform your body and your health.
Gain vibrant energy clarity and great focus.

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In just 3 days discover breakthrough techniques you can use for your mind, body and spirit that will restore your emotional balance, create health and the vision of the person you always wanted to be Calm, Confident, Creative and filled with Joie de Vivre.
What if you knew how to transform stress into strength, never worry about your weight again, develop vibrant energy and Joie de Vivre, would you be curious to know?
Discover how to feel good in a healthy and productive way. Voyage for mature women over 40 ready to stop blaming the world for their dissatisfaction and who are willing to become responsible and take charge of their lives.  For those women who are determined to learn how to transform their stress into strength, get rid of any unproductive habit and behavior and create the vision of the person they always wanted to be:

Calm, Centered, Confident Creative and filled with Joie de Vivre, (French for Joy of Life)


The word “Voyage” is what the French call a double entendre, a word with two meanings. In this program you not only literally travel to new and exotic locations where the program is held, but you figuratively voyage inside yourself to discover the person you truly are and the person you can become once you choose to leave behind the old you that is holding you back.

It’s time to bid adieu to the old you and transport yourself into the new life you want.


Primarily for mature women over 40 who are willing to take responsibility for their lives and ready to make their desired changes. Women who are open-minded, choosing to be the best they can be and believing that they can.


Voyages Into the New You combines a serious three -day workshop with the luxury of a beautiful get-away. But it is unlike other vacations that offer only a temporary escape from stress and daily routine, returning you to the same old life you left with nothing changed. When you return from your three-day Voyages into the New You you will have a new attitude, a greater self-awareness, and most important, powerful new tools and techniques that, used regularly, will help you maintain what you gained in your three days away: emotional balance, vibrant energy, clear vision, new habits and the Joie de vivre (what we French call the joy of life) of the new person you are becoming.

You can expect the unexpected in this complete mind, body and spirit transformation!! 

• Launch your voyage with the experience of your first “Zen Workout”  a voyage of movements, breath and music.
• Journey through a combination of specific Yoga postures designed to create proper posture and alignment for what is to follow.
• Progress through easy- to- learn Qigong movements that will awaken your energy and circulate your Chi for health and a sense of wellbeing.
• Discover principles to clear anxiety in minutes and access your “Alpha State” where you reprogram your own mind for your desired change.
• Explore the path to ridding yourself of unwanted habits, such as overeating, smoking, excessive drinking and other behaviors that keep you from fully experiencing a healthy and happy life journey.
• Dance to the beat of ancient drums and to the romance of French songs.
• Celebrate your retreat’s end, with the serenity of a hypnosis- guided meditation guaranteed to provide a “Nirvana experience” that you can take with you as you continue on your magnificent life adventure!

Are you ready to embark on your personal voyage? To bid "bon voyage" to the old you and welcome in the new year with a new, happier, more confident you? If so, get on board now for the time of your life!

To Book Your Voyage - E-MAIL US at or visit
and click on “Destination Retreats” to reserve your spot as space is limited!