Transformational Journey



spacerThis is a 4 part video to to be completed in 28 days. It consists of various Eastern and Western techniques, such as Qigong exercises to energize the body and Mindfulness meditation to calm the mind. I recommend you practice daily, (preferably outdoors) for just 15 minutes and just using one segment at a time for the duration of 7 days, so that this daily repetition will help you create a new and positive mind/body conditioning in just 28 days.

spacerI believe you will do well and experience vibrant energy! Would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me, if you have any question or concern and if you are interested in a customized version of this program or in any other services available.


This is a preview of what you will experience during your transformational practice.


"Turn Stress into Strength...and experience Joie de Vivre!" ~Edwige

Edwige Gilbert, Wellness Coach
New Life Directions
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